Our experienced data science team addresses business problems of industries.


Data Management.

Descriptive, Predictive & Prescriptive Models.

Simulations & Optimisation Models.

Data Science


Cloud Computing

We will host your application & data securely in Australia with disaster recovery and backup, and assure your business continuity.

Data Science

Our experienced data science team addresses business problems of industries.
Help our
industries customers mine their historical data and make  informed decisions with quality analytics.


Automation tools that use business rules and sequences of actions to automatically complete processes in any number of different applications the same way a human does.

1. Managed Data Science 

2. Automation

3. Hosting & Cloud Computing


Kaayal is synonymous with the lagoon and its singing fish which is unique to  the Eastern province of Sri Lanka.  Our directors' passion is to develop a modern hub with latest technology to upskill people from the Eastern province and empower Sri Lanka. After 25 years of working in leading government & enterprise organizations in Australia & New Zealand, our Managing Director has  decided to move back to his hometown of Batticaloa. His thirst and dedication to promote  his passion and share his knowledge and experience in person has resulted in KaayalTek.


Trust  the experts with the knowledge, experience & track record

KaayalTEK is a subsidiary of  ANJN GROUP ANJN Group was formed  in 2016 in Australia, with subsidiaries in New Zealand and Sri Lanka.  The company provides data science services, automation, cloud solutions, consultancy, software & app development, data analytics solutions, InsureTech products, strategy & digital consultation in specialised business areas and is an authorised re-seller of Google Cloud Platform, UiPath, Blackberry cyber-security products and Diamanti's enterprise Kubernetes platform.  We are instrumental in deriving very cutting-edge solutions used by our customers in various sectors, primarily covering autonomous systems. 

There are many who offer just technology.  We are different.  We leverage technology to provide solutions, that relate to your business needs.